1. profile

Hakan Kapar has more than thirty years of experience in acquisition and compliance of subsidies, funds, tax credits and guarantees for companies, authorities, knowledge institutes, health care facilities and international consortia. He delivers training to professionals, performs Administrative Law appeals and is author of professional technical literature in this field. He is widely experienced according to projects in fields such as innovation, investment, human resources, education, energy and environment for which subsidy to more than 1 million euro has been granted. 

He not only graduated in Master of Laws at University of Maastricht, but also in Bachelor of Business Administration at Breda University of Applied Sciences. Until the foundation of Kapar Consulting in 2007 he has been attached to Deloitte as senior manager for a period of ten years and started up a succesful subsidy praxis as a pioneer. He acquired a vast experience in this setting with regional, national and international subsidies  and procedures in Administrative Law. During this period, he was also temporarily detached in Great Britain, where he executed international assignments in cooperation with his British colleagues. In the meantime, he has built up a comprehensive network with authorities and in the business world.