1. subsidies

Kapar Consulting is specialised in subsidy matters.  This concerns subsidies and (tax) credits by authorities and incentives by public and private foundations. As a consequence of this knowledge and experience we developed the following model which we use as starting point for consulting our clients:

The experience of many years with regional, national and international legislation and regulation in this field guarantees an experienced professional.  Up-to-date professional literature, training programs, periodical consultation with the authorities and personal involvement ensure a high-quality consultancy.  Starting point for this is an excellent accessibility with short and direct lines, which give you a quick, direct and flexible support.  

Kapar Consulting advises and supports you in the following way:

  • Scan
    With a scan, we investigate all relevant possibilities in the field of subsidies for your organisation.  We match your organisation plan and organisation activities to the available subsidy legislation and regulations on a regional, national and European level.
  • Feasibility
    We test the selected projects with one or more subsidy suppliers. Such test is made on the basis of a brief project description.  This gives us the information to make an actual assessment of the chance of success of the application course.  This test is important to avoid unnecessary expensive and time-consuming application courses.
  • Application
    In case of a positive chance of success, we collect and process the necessary project information.  Consequently, we prepare the subsidy application.  Possible additional questions of the authorities also belong to our activities. 
  • Management
    Obligations towards the subsidy supplier result from the subsidy regulations.  That is why an administrative organisation has to be introduced and implemented in the management stadium, which complies with the related legislation. We support you with the organisation of the administration and the preparation of the interim reports and declarations.  We can advise several ICT tools to reduce the administrative burden.
  • Completion
    The completion phase comprehends the financial completion and the preparation of the end report of a project. We support you with the preparation of the end reports and the declarations.