1. workshop

Experience shows that there is lack of subsidy awareness in many organisations. In order to increase this awareness we offer subsidy workshops. After taking these workshops you will recognize subsidy opportunities for your organisation, then how to take the best advantage of these options and subsequently how to comply with in a complete and thorough manner.

Our offer consists of the following workshops:

  • The world of subsidies (max. 8 hours)

Target group: employees of companies, authorities, knowledge and health care institutes. Programme consists of following components:

- Recognize and utilize subsidy opportunities.
- Current Dutch and European subsidy regulation.
- Trends and developments.
- Rights and obligations.
- Do’s and don’ts to achieve an ideal result.

  • Accountant and subsidy (max. 8 hours)

Target group: accountants, financial assistants and consultants. Within this course a distinction is made between the following disciplines:

- Accountancy control.
- Administrative Organisation /Internal Management (AO/IB).
- General Administrative Law (Awb).

The starting points for the composition of the proposition are quality and topicality. That is the reason why we pay a lot of attention to theory as well as praxis in our workshops. This allows the course member to function more efficiently in his or her surroundings.

Kapar Consulting has an extensive experience in organising in-company workshops. The instructors have a wide experience in subsidy issues, administrative responsibility and accountancy controls and they know exactly what is going on in practice.